10 Rare wild Dogs and Cats

         1. Cat Sand.

Sand cats, also known as dunes, are a species of the genus Cat living in the desert regions of Africa and Asia. Cats live in arid lands, even drought to the point of African wild cats. The cat is quite small in size, looks rafted with short legs, long tails, and very large and fun ears. The sand cat has a light yellow coat like the color of sand dotted with yellow-green stripes that are hard to see, the chin and abdomen are white. A sandy cat grows in the middle of the toes, which creates an insulating layer of fur that helps them not burn when walking in the desert and easily along the rocky mountains.

Cat Sand Rare Wild Cat

      2. Black-footed cat.

The black-footed cat is a lesser-known predator in Africa and listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2002, it has just over 8300 left. The black-footed cat is the smallest in the world, the bottom of the cat’s paws and feet are black. The color of the coat varies from individual to individual, and the coat is often dotted with brown or black spots mixed in rings on the legs, neck, and tail. However, the neck skin of black-footed cats is pink and spotless, their eyes are very large. Black-footed cats often live in South Africa.

Black-footed cat Rare wild Cat

    3. Cat manul.

The manual also known as the Pallas cat is a small wild cat belonging to the Cats family. The manual cat is similar in size to the domestic cat, is dark brown fur with dark vertical stripes on the body and forelegs, has clear black rings on the tail and has dark spots on the forehead. The winter coat is grayer and less patterned than the summer coat. They have short legs proportional to the proportion of other cats, their ears are very low and spread and their talons are abnormally short. Manul cats are widely distributed but discontinuous in the grasslands and steppe areas of Central Asia.

Cat manul Rare Wild Cat

    4. Leopard cat.

Cheetahs are a small family of cats distributed in South Asia and East Asia. Looking at them, you will immediately think of small newspapers but they are far more distant from the newspaper. They are about the same size as domestic cats but possess a skin with a beautiful pattern like a jaguar. Because of their beautiful skin, they are hunted by humans, the fewer the number of cats in the world is just over 1,000, so the cats need protection.

Leopard cat Rare wild Cats

     5. American cat tree.

American cat is also known as the wildcat. They are closely related to the big cougar but are much smaller in size. They have short bodies, long tails and bodies, and a dark gray coat. They have a cat name because their most comfortable habitat is the name of tall trees. This species is omnivorous, eating whatever it catches, mostly arthropods and leaves.

American cat tree Rare Wild Cat


      6. Löwchen dog.

The first name on this list is Löwchen, which is considered to be the rarest breed in the world with only a few hundred individuals and this has also contributed to making the breed’s value extremely expensive. The current selling price of this breed is 3000 USD for one dog.

The Löwchen has an eye-catching appearance with soft fur and a unique mane. Very smart, open-minded, friendly and peaceful so they are loved by many people.

Löwchen Rare wild Dog

      7. Saluki dog.

Saluki, also known as Sloughi, is one of the earliest domesticated dog breeds in history when they appeared in the painting of the tomb of Egypt around 2100 BC.

In the past, Saluki was raised and trained by humans to use in hunting animals such as rabbits or gazelles because of its good acceleration and powerful force bites.

This breed has a tall, slender appearance and impresses with a long, soft tail. Saluki dogs are considered intelligent dogs and have an independent personality, they are very wary of strangers but not aggressive or barking.

Saluki Rare Wild dog


     8. Egyptian Pharaoh dog.

Pharaohs are ancient hunting dogs on Earth, their ancestors in Egypt and are often used by Pharaoh kings in hunting and protection.

This breed is very smart, charming, strong and runs very fast. Besides, they are also quite stubborn because of independent thinking.

A special feature of this dog that always makes people excited to contact is that their ears and nose will become red if something makes it feel happy, eager.

Egyptian Pharaoh Rare Wild dog


     9. Chow Chow Dog.

Chow Chow is a dog breed originally from China and is one of the few ancient dog breeds that exists to this day.

In the past, this breed was bred for service in towing, guarding and hunting. After many breeds, this breed has been adopted by many pets.

The Chow Chow has a chubby appearance, a cute, fuzzy coat. very intelligent breed consider and knowledgeable but if not raised properly they will become unpredictable.

This dog is extremely loyal and only recognizes one owner. Therefore, if they have changed hands often, they will become unpredictable and aggressive.

Chow Chow Rare Wild Dog


     10.  Akita dog.

Japanese Akita or Akita Inu or dog breed originated from Honshu island in Akita area, Japan. The recognized breed as the oldest dog in Japan and almost of the world.

Akita dogs have a great appearance, strong physique and very fast. Calm and elegant demeanor so loving by the nobility.

Akita dogs are very intelligent and docile but need to be properly raised from an early age or they will become stubborn. They are not friendly with strangers but are very loving, devoted and loyal to their owners.

Akita Rare Wild Dog