A Guide on How to Show your Birds Some Love

Birds have not always been domesticated and kept as pets, but as people are embracing a more diverse set of choices in all aspects of their lives, birds have come into fashion. With the rise of the hipster trends and a more nature-centric lifestyle, birds have quickly become famous house pets.

While a reason why they weren’t always main choices for pets is that you cannot carry a bird like a child or caress them as you would do with cats, they’ve become favorable pets is because of their simplicity and beauty, but showing them warmth and tenderness without more intensive touches is still difficult.

So, if you’ve got a bird or if you’re still planning on getting one as a pet, here are is a guide on how to show your care and love for these lovable, winged beings.

  1. You can build a physical bond with your bird.

build a physical bond with your bird

As much you cannot carry your bird as you would with other more common domesticated animals like cats and dogs, you can still connect your bird through some ways of physical contact.

In fact, several birds, once they are familiar with their new home and bonded with their human, actually like to cuddle or be near their owner.  Just like a majority of animal relations, birds also like to bond through physical contact. Also, they often like to share their human body heat, especially in cold-climate regions of the world.

  1. You can talk to your bird.

Talk with your Bird

People even talk to their plants so that they grow, so why not talk to your bird, who has a living and thinking mind?

Similar to almost all of nature, communicating with birds, in a way, helps establish a bond between you, as their owner and them as a pet. Talking to your bird, while at first weird and unconventional, actually brings you two closer, and, according to many bird owners, is a very effective stress reliever.

Also, this way, the bird knows more about your vibe and personality, and hearing your voice and feeling the vibrations of your speech may actually aid in them getting used to you quicker.

You never know some birds (like parrots) might actually talk back at you!

NOTE: Do use your softer voice, and refrain surprising birds with loud interjections.

  1. You can make them feel at home.

You can feel him at home

A nice thing you can do for your bird is to make them feel more comfortable, more at home, especially for birds that are not familiar with the environment that you live in.

A few things you can do is to decorate their cage in a way that is more familiar to them, making it easier for them to adjust, to dress up with bird-decorated clothes, or even to make them personalized bird toys or playgrounds for their habitat.

  1. You can feed your bird by hand.

can feed your bird by hand

Again, this is another way of personal contact: letting your bird eat from your hand. In a way, this seems like socializing. It’s similar to a parent spoon-feeding their child at every meal.

By letting the bird feed off of your hand, this let’s give them the chance to realize and acknowledge you as their main caretaker, which establishes a new level of a bond between pet and owner, sealed in the name of care and trust.

  1. You can play music for your bird.

can play music for your bird

Playing music for your bird may seem like an unusual suggestion because the birds themselves are the ones who naturally makes the music with their humming and chirping, but birds really do like listening to music.

You can actually dance to this music with your bird, which strengthens a friendship-like bond between you and your bird. Your body language will then tell them that you are more than a captor, but rather is that they can have fun with and trust to be around.

Also, who doesn’t like bopping to music?

While birds aren’t too picky with which tunes they like to dance to or listen to, you can always pick your own playlists to blast on your speakers.

NOTE: Playing music with your bird can also help them learn songs to sing to you. If you know how to whistle, you can copy a tune from your music and teach it to your bird!


  1. You can play games with your bird.

can play games with your bird

Again, the suggestion of playing games with your bird may be nearly unheard of and unconventional, but it is actually worth a try. Birds are thinking beings too, so they deserve to have some fun in their lives.

Similar to how it is with people, showing your birds that you like socializing, spending time with, and ultimately just having fun with them are great building blocks to a good bond and relationship.

Especially with birds that are still unfamiliar to their new homes, you can always establish a zone of comfort with them by trying to reach and play a few games, which distracts and slowly erases their total unfamiliarity of you, the home, and the overall new environment.

In short, you can show your bird that you care by making sure they have fun.

There you have it: a guide to showing your love and affection to your bird! This kind of care is given even to your healthy dogs and if you love pets like how you love cats, and if you pay attention to the nutrition of your pets.

Now, while these tips and guidelines do work with almost all kinds of birds, in general, you have to remember that, like humans, each bird is unique and different from one another in their own distinct ways.

So, it’s now your job to complete this list of how to woo your bird by first, knowing more about your adorable pet and making sure that you cater to their wants and needs so that they may remain happy. Remember, birds have wings but they chose to stay by your side today, so you’ve got to make sure that they choose to stay each and every day, by showing your birds that you love them and that you would do everything you can to keep them happy.