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Scratch cats

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How adorable your cat is the routine compliment that I hear from people, but in reality, the only thing that worries me is that my beautiful adorable cat is always busy to scratch my furniture. So, let’s today discuss some of the arrangements I have made to stop my cat from scratching the furniture.

So, the first question which comes to mind is why the cats scratch everything around them? The answer is this that it is a simple exercise required by cats to build up their arm muscles to catch their prey and it is a procedure cats mark their territories. It is also one of the techniques adopted by cats to remove dust from their nails and cuticles, so it’s a technique adopted by them to beautify their nails.  So, dexterity is needed on your behalf to protect your furniture from scratching by a cat.

  1. Hindering your Cat’s competence to scratch

Hindering your Cat’s competence to scratch


You can either use a nail trimmer, scissors or nail cutters to trim your cat’s nails. You don’t have to cut the whole nail of your cat which of course is inhuman but you have to gently press your cat pad and the when the nail comes out to trim the little portion of the nail from the front. Keep in mind you don’t have to cut the red area as there is the skin beneath it and like humans, your cat precious toe will start to bleed. Don’t overdo this procedure as it’s considered illegal in many countries, trimming once every two months is fine as nails take time to grow back. Moreover, you have to find the time which is convenient for your cat. As per my observation, the best time to catch them is when either your cat is about to sleep or she woke up as they are quite lazy during this time and it would be easier to control them.

Another technique is soft claws which are the human technique of declawing. You can either visit a vet nary doctor to put plastic claws on your cat’s nails which are put with the help of adhesive or you can put them yourself. Your furniture will be safe from cats scratch and at the same time, they can build their muscles and exercise. The only dilemma is that these claws fall after 3-6 weeks of application and need to be reapplied.

Allow your cats to explore nature outside your home, they are likely to find a tree or post outside which they can use to mark their new boundary and it is observed that cats which regularly play outside their owner’s house create less damage inside the house and your eventually you save your furniture from cat scratch.

  1. Invest in one or two Scratching Post.

Invest in one or two Scratching Post.


So, the basic question of what exactly a scratching post is?  It’s actually a wooden piece covered with a coarse cloth or sisal (used for making ropes, paper, hats clothes, etc). These scratching pads are available in many sizes and shapes based on your need, some other small enough to be hand around a doorknob or and some are quite tall commonly known as “Cat Trees”. It all depends on your needs, budget, and area available. One thing you should keep in mind while investing in a scratchpad is that it should not be fluffy, it has to be coarse as cats love rough material.

Scratching pads are available in different shapes and sizes some are flat on the floor others are made in hump shape. Their models available whose shape can be changed as per your cat choice, but it is always a good choice to buy 2- 3 scratching pads.

Now, the most important part is the position of your scratching pad which has to be done after a lot of observation. If your cat is new it would be easy to get them habitual to the scratching post.  But an old cat is like an old member which has already marked their territory in your house by scratching your furniture. You have to find the furniture which they like to scratch the most and post the pad right next to it.

For, the obvious reason their many furniture in your house which your cat likes to scratch so investing 2-3 pads is always advisable.  Moreover, the cats try to occupy your territory so it is advisable to use their pads as a laundry stand for some time so that your fragrance is absorbed in the pad and your cat starts scratching them in order to make their boundaries. It is always alluring for the cat to put the scratching pad near your frequently used sofa or chair.

Moreover, you have to train your cat to use the scratching pad. Sprinkling catnip oil or rub the oil on the pad. Encourage your cat by patting your cat whenever it uses the scratching pad or sometimes sits and scratch the pad yourself so that cat learns to scratch after imitating your behavior.

You can hang the favorite toy of your cat around the pad or regularly stand near the pad and greet the pad frequently. Cats are attention seekers and things alluring their owners other than them are always their source of attention. Use this curiosity to train them and save your furniture from cat scratch.

  1. Interrupt atrocious scratching Behavior.


The first thing to be kept in mind is that you can never yell on your cat, they are not like dogs who completely trust their owners, yelling will completely damage your bond with your precious cat.

So, how to control them? A salient ‘No’ can be used whenever the cat is scratching the furniture but never yell. Other than you can throw pebbles or coins near them when they are scratching. Don’t throw the object directly at them as the cat might get hurt and make sure to throw the object when they are not looking at you or it will debacle their trust on you. Cats are very sensitive beings and they might consider it your method of hurting them.

You have to train them to play with the scratching pad and be very appreciable for their behavior. Never scream or yell at your cat when they are near scratching pad as they may relate it as a bad thing in their mind and never use it again.

Another method is sprinkling water on them when they are trying to approach the furniture for scratching. Don’t cut off them in between while doing so as they might take it as a water sport. In easy words, they would think that when they scratch the furniture they got water spray by you to play with them and instead of discouraging them you will encourage them.

You can mix orange oil and eucalyptus oil in the water sprinkle bottle as it is observed that cats are repulsive to these smells. Sprinkle the water near the furniture which your cat loves to scratch and to your own benefit, it gives a pleasant odor to your room.

The last thing as I have already said cats are attention seekers, so when they are scratching the furniture lift them up and play with them so as to divert their attention towards you.

  1. Decreasing the access to the things which your cat loves to scratch.

Hindering your Cat’s competence to scratch

Prevention is always better than cure, instead of yelling at you protect, your cat favorite furniture from scratch on your own.

Cover the furniture with double-sided sticky tapes as the hairless cat’s paw are sensitive to sticky things and the cats hate those sticky materials. You can also put adhesive taps at back and arms of big furniture piece which cats like to tear apart.

On rugs and mats, you can either put sticky paws or contact sheets on the sides of the carpet so they are not able to turn and torn them from sides.

You can also put blown up balloons on your couches or best advisable thing is to cover the furniture with plastic sheets which create noises when cats try to scratch them and scare them off.


One of the most famous new items used nowadays is a motion detector attached to a spray. You have to observe your cat’s favorite furniture which they love to scratch and attach a motion detector near it. Whenever the cat approaches furniture the motion detector sprays water on them and discourages them from scratching.

You have to “shoo” your cat whenever it tries to approach some antique furniture or valuable furniture. It has to be kept in mind that cats are sensitive creatures and when you nag them constantly over something they will definitely learn and will not scratch that furniture. Create a No cat Zone by keeping all your valuable furniture on one side of the house to save them from scratch. Also, limit your access and your family member’s access to this room so that the cat does not try to mark this own territory.