How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog

Do you want a dog?

In this article, I will look at how to convince your parents to get a dog.

Your mind is filled with images you play with your new puppy, feed him and watch him grow. Of course, you have imagined stroking him, going for a walk, sleeping side by side at night – your best friend for life.

If you want a pet dog, don’t give up — I about to show you how to convince your parents to get a puppy (or grown dog).

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  1. I Want a Dog but My Parents Say No.

Ah yes, the big N.O., aka your parents’ favorite word. They say it a lot.

They said it when you begged for a bicycle (but you now have one).

And that cool little cell phone in your pocket?

From these (or similar) experiences, you have learned that patience and persistence pay off.

And while they may never admit it, your parents can admire you and feel proud of you for showing both qualities! But this time, your parents seem to be digging in their heels with this “no” business. So let’s take a minute here to try to figure out why!

2.  Why Don’t Your Parents Want You to Get a Dog?

It’s not that your parents don’t want you to have a pet dog. They probably DO want to give you something that you say will make you so happy.

-So why would they say no?

For a minute, think about what your parents do all day. They work, right?

You see them go to work and come home. Even if they work from home or at home, they’re pretty busy all day. They run a lot of errands and drive you places you want and need to go. Don’t forget they prepare dinner and do the laundry for the family. Plus, they remind you to do your homework and your chores. Maybe when people think about adding a pet dog to your family, they even find the puppy’s cuteness – they just see more work for them to do.

So perhaps the best strategy here is not to persuade parents to marry a dog, but to convince them that taking a winning dog creates more work for them. But before we do this, we must go to the root of their concern.

3. Find out Why Your Parents Don’t Want a Dog.

Sometimes a straight-up question will get you farther than all the begging, whining, shouting, crying or silent treatment in the world.

Choose your timing, don’t ask your questions when your parents are busy.

Watch for a quiet moment, and then ask your parents, “Why don’t you want me to get a dog?”

Then listen quietly and carefully to their answers. This is the key because once you know exactly why your parents don’t want a dog you can come up with really good arguments to convince them to want a dog.

A “counter-argument,” by the way, is a great strategy to use any time you don’t get what you want right away. You see it a lot on television. You can just listen to the other person’s reasons and then use those reasons to convince them that they are wrong and you are right!)

I help you get started with some counter-arguments to popular reasons why parents may be anti-dogs. First off, they think dogs are too expensive.

4. Parents say a dog is too expensive.

Try your best to figure out how to convince your parents to get a dog, and your dad says, I’m sorry – a dog is too expensive.

By the way, parents are not wrong. Dogs MAY be expensive. Did you know that buying a puppy or pet dog from a dog owner can cost anywhere from $ 500 to $ 1,000 for a dog ONLY?

This does not include injections, sprays or neutralization, an IC, a bowl of food and water, and a dog bed. Don’t mention blankets, toys, leashes, pet insurance, grooming, a crate or anything else your new pet dog will need. If your dog is sick and needs to go to the vet, this can be very expensive.

Parents say a dog is too expensive


Now your dad is probably quite a busy person. He probably doesn’t have time to sit down and figure out a way to get a dog in a way that won’t be too expensive.

But you have time, right?

So when you hear your dad say, dog A dog is too expensive, you can (think to yourself about the time, a time for a rebuttal! Or and then) tell him, But if I find a way to get a dog that’s not too expensive

Thankfully, there’s a less expensive (and better) alternative. In nearly all cases, getting a dog from a shelter is much cheaper AND you can also get more money.

5.  Accept cheaper than buying.

So start by looking at adoption fees at your local dog farm. There are many great pet dogs in shelters right now waiting to be adopted and having a great family to live with! ASPCA declares that 6.5 million animals accompany the US shelter each year!

Although adopting a dog from a local rescue shelter is usually not free, it certainly won’t cost you $ 500 or more. The typical cost range, commonly known as user recovery fee, is typically between $ 25 and $ 300.

They may also have received dog obedience training, which means you may not have to pay for an obedience class to train your new pet.

Many shelters also have lower-priced pet items for sale to help the shelter raise some money. Usually, these work shelters sell pets donated from people who are lost or turned into their pet dogs.

So you can get some great supplies for your new pet dog for a lower price than you would pay by shopping at a regular pet store.

If you are willing to invest your money to have a pet dog, your parents can start warming up this idea. It shows them how responsible you are and that you are serious about taking and taking care of your dog.

Okay, so you’ve figured out how to cover the extra costs of owning a pet. But money is not the problem. What if your parents said they didn’t have time for a pet dog?

6. My parents said I did not have enough time.

Do you have enough time? Really?

Are you willing to get up early to take your dog for a walk before school?

Do you do sports or after school activities that make it impossible for you to walk your dog regularly after school? Are you willing to give up some or all of those activities to take care of a pet dog?

Are you at home to feed your dog in the morning and in the evening? What if your dog is sick? Would you clean up after her without complaining and stay with her at night if she needs you?

If the idea of getting up earlier, walking at least twice a day and picking up dog feces is not appealing, think again. What about training your new pet to follow orders, brush her teeth and groom her? If giving her food and water and being there when she needs you doesn’t sound great, you probably don’t have the time right now to get a pet dog.

This is something you should think about carefully. A dog is not a person, but it is an animal with daily, regular needs that someone in your family will have to take care of.

So what you need to do now is not to try to convince your parents to get a dog, but to find a way to convince your parents that YOU will take care of your dog, not them. What kind of track record do you have? Because be realistic: if your parents can’t trust you now, you will have some work to do.

7.  My parents said I would not help enough.

Here again, your parents may be making a good point. Will you help enough? How is enough?

You may be trying to figure out how to convince your mom to get a dog, but all she hears is that you ask HER to take care of your pet.

You probably wouldn’t like it if your mom had a pet and then asked you to take care of it for her, right?

So it makes sense that she might not be as excited about the idea of a pet dog as you.

You have to convince her that you will help a lot. A lot, she won’t even have to remind you to feed or walk or clean up after your new pet dog. If you don’t have a great responsibility profile, it’s time to start building it.

How can you do this? Start by completing all your work without being prompted. If you have a curfew, cling to it. You can even help around the house without being asked – and of course, make sure your room is not a landfill.

8. How to convince your parents to get a dog.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and your parents still say no, there’s one more thing you can do to try to win.

Try writing a letter to them.

Maybe, in all their worries about cost and time and responsibility, your parents forgot all the GREAT things a pet dog can add to your life.

They are not called your best friends without reason!

So if at first, you don’t succeed, keep trying and good luck!