Make a DIY Dog House

These free DIY dog house plans will make sure that your dog has a haven from the weather and you can take pride that you built it just for them.

  • Steps to build a house for dogs

Step 1:

Before you start designing, you need to choose the right material for making a house, usually, each dog will have different needs, so remember to pay close attention to this topic. But most current dog breeds have similar basic requirements such as a dry, clean, ventilated living space, … When building a dog house, you must pay attention to the insulation factor, The interior of the house should til to keep our dog cool. Besides, you must also ensure that factors such as rain, storm, wind,… do not directly affect the house.

diy-dog-house Step1

2nd step:

You should choose wood as the main material to build your dog’s house, which is very durable and easy to find anywhere. First, you use a square frame with a pencil, then sketch the outline of the dog house on the surface of the wooden plank. If you use a 2 × 4 wooden planks, cut it into four pieces with a length and width proportionally: 23 ″ and 22.5 ″ (Average house size for a dog).

diy-dog-house Step 2

3rd step:

Place a 23 ″ piece of wood inside the 22,5 ″ piece of wood, placed in front to create a 2 ″ rectangle. After putting together the sticks, use a drill and a screw to fix them together into a rectangle.

DIY Dog House Step 3

4th step:

The floor is quite simple, you use a pencil and a square plywood frame of size 0.75 ″. The size is 26 ″ equals 22.5 ″ for the upper size frame.

DIY Dog House Step 4

5th step:

Use a drill of 1.25 ″ to make screw holes at four corners to fix the pieces into a complete frame. This is the step that requires the most meticulous, careful and ingenious way of making a home for dogs.

DIY Dog House Step 5

6th step:

Continue to use wooden frames to attach additional insulation to keep the interior of the house cool. As for the door, the smaller you design the better, but still, have to ensure the comfort of our dog.

DIY Dog House Step 6

Step 7:

On the four sides of the house, we will use the planks to install (the type used for floors), the two boards on both sides of the house in  size 26 x 16 ″. The front and back of the house should be 24 ″ by 16 ″ rectangular with wooden panels with an area of 12 ″ height and 24 ″ widths. Next, you cut the wooden frame according to the image.

DIY Dog House Step 7

8th step:

Use a drill to create holes in the wall in front of the house, if you want the door to be arc-shaped, you can use a bowl to shape it.

DIY Dog House Step 8

9th step:

Next, you cut 8 pieces of the frame, using a piece of the wooden frame of 2 x 2 size. Eight pieces of a frame after being cut use to create the roof.

DIY Dog House Step 10

10th step:

Prepare 4 corners with dimensions: 15 ″ in length and 13 ″ in width.

DIY Dog House Step 10

Step 11:

Attach the front and back panels. Place the front and back and then fix them with screws.

DIY Dog House Step 11

12th step:

The roof should be designed in the form of a sloping triangle, this type of roof will limit rain or dust from the roof. Also, the shape of the roof helps the indoor space for dogs more spacious.

DIY Dog House Step 12

13th step:

Before starting to create the roof, you need to sketch on a wooden frame of 2 x 2 dimensions, 32 32 lengths, 20 widths. These pieces of pieces after joining together will form a triangular roof.

DIY Dog House Step 13

14th step:

Install 13×2 pieces of wood on the inside of the front and back of the wooden frame with the top and bottom positions of each panel. After determining the correct position, we will use screws to fix the pieces of wood together.

DIY Dog House Step 14

15th step:

Place the previously made roof on top of the house, making sure that the tops are firmly attached and remember to use screws to ensure the certainty.

DIY Dog House Step 15

16th step:

To create a unique feature for the house in our shape, you can paint the house on many different topics. However, only non-toxic paints should be used to avoid damaging our dogs.

DIY Dog House Step 16