Your Dogs Intelligence – Can Dogs be Smarter than their humans?

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On any day, or at any point in time, A Dog Owner will take it as a compliment that a Dog acts more like a human as compared to humans himself.

They are well known for their advanced memory, intelligence, faithfulness, as well as some of their inner qualities, also resembles a human being, as they both can feel jealousy, love, affection, and sorrow.

Dogs – What makes them stand out in the queue?

There are large numbers of animal species present on our earth who more or less look pretty much similar to each other in one or the other way. But there are lots of variations and differences among them. Some are small in size, bigger in size.  have long tail some have a short tail. another is more attractive some look less attractive. Eating flesh and herbs. But Dogs have totally different stories. Their relationships with human beings at an early age were not so strong but as time flew their bonding becomes so strong.

Because of their bond and human attachment to the dog, the practice of breeding dogs grew increasingly popular.

Have you ever thought of the qualities that make them so popular and helped them to stand out in the queue? According to me and many studies and researches have also proven that In recent era human realized that how much use a dog could be. If we compare a Dog with any other animal we found that the Dogs are the only smart and intelligent pet on the planet which are just like human beings. Imagine Cat as your pet, We will not take any other animals here because Cats are also a very popular domestic animal in comparison to other animals. They look different from Dogs most of the time but they both love to spend time and play games with their respective owner. Dogs protect our lives, homes, and children. Their ability to sense things earlier in comparison to cats or any other pets also makes them unique.

Dogs and Humans- The Unbreakable Bond

Dogs and Humans- The Unbreakable Bond

A dog is the only creature on the earth that loves you more than himself. The special relationship that dogs share with humans can not be only seen in studies and researches but also from the perspective of social, cultural, psychological and historical points of view. They do every possible thing to make their owner happy. The relation between the two is unconditional. They give their owner a sense of purpose to develop their daily routine and give them something to cherish every day. In one line we can also say that they are made for each other. Dogs have acquired a superior ability to communicate with human beings. They use human-like visuals to talk with them. According to recent researches, Dogs can learn up to 250 human words. The human-animal bonds have their own health benefits.

Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

The strong emotional relationship bond with humans is also the cure to much mental illness. Dogs can also differentiate between particular human figures i.e. At the given time they can find out their actual owners even in a group of 50peoples. Dogs have developed a unique relationship with human beings and are referred to as the only animal who can serve society and help the human in various ways. In the past time, Dogs were mainly used for some purposes like hunting, guarding, etc. but in recent times they have become an integral part of human society. They have constantly developed a close bonding with humans. In recent times we can see a Dog in every other house and They are very close to their owner. They always roam around their owner, sits around them, lay on their bed and also feel sad when their loving ones leave the houses. We can sense what we are trying to say or how we say in a very special way which is surprisingly similar to human brains. Have an innovative mind with better sense. They even make eye contact to talk with their owners.

A little puppy can turn your bad day into a good one just by staring at you. There are numerous studies that show that petting dogs in the houses can release oxytocin hormone which helps to decrease the level of the stress. In short, we can say that Dogs are the only being who lives for others.

Dogs- Helping Hand of Humans.

Dogs are considered as helping hands of humans because of their intelligence. Intelligence can be anything, as their ability to learn new things or to sense out the danger quickly. But the ability to learn new commands or things are not the only sign of intelligence. It may vary up to one to another dog.

Border Collies, Poodles, and Golden Retriever are the breed of dogs which are easier to train. Some breeds of dogs can learn things quickly as compared to others like Siberian Huskies who are not interested in pleasing there owners but they are helpful in catching small animals and they try to do things in their own inventive way.

Some dogs such as assistance dogs are meant to be obedient all the time and are gifted to learn new commands, find out human threats, counter new problems. They can help the person having physical disabilities in numerous ways.

Some dogs have unique intelligence to release stress and pressure. They bought into college campuses, airports, nursing homes, schools to relieve the anxiety of a person.

Some dogs help peoples with diabetes. They are trained to sniff for an odor in human breath that helps in dropping sugar levels.

Dogs- Helping Hand of Humans

Breeds of Dogs such as German Shepherd, Doberman, Belgian Malinois helps police in solving cases and identifying hidden objects. They can also be useful in detecting bombs etc.

Some dogs help deaf people by making physical contact and guiding them to the source of the sound. They can learn various sounds such as the sound of a ringing phone, an alarm clock, crying baby, sound of a particular name, etc.

Some Researches also stated that Dogs can also be a handful in detecting cancer just by sniffing them, few of them also believe that they are more accurate than modern technology.

Dogs- Do they think?

  • While imaging dog’s brain they have that much strong sense so that they can smell the fragrance of their owners. Our dogs also think a lot about how we are feeling. In fact, their brains are in tune with the inflammation of emotions and feelings. At times when we come home sad, they will roam around us also they try to play with our hands to fix our moods. As they can’t speak in our language they try to communicate with us through their eyes, with their barks, and with their body language. We as a human thinks that dogs cannot say in the same language but they say in their different way by showing their emotions and affection to the human. A dog’s brain is quite similar to human brains. They are the creature of habits and they like to follow in the fixed schedule as human beings do. And extremely sensitive nose and they have perfect brains for identifying and examine smells around them. They have a very creative mind with a creative heart.


Dogs or Humans- Who’s smarter?

Being the most powerful creature on the earth human thinks that they are the most intelligent and smart being on the planet. We human thinks that we are the only one who can do the well-being of society. But We never think about animals or pets which are also around us for some good reasons. They also help us in many ways. Their intelligence is totally smarter than us. They are smart enough to serve the environment. But are they so?

conclusion :

I think the word smart is very complex in itself. It depends upon the parameters we set for the word “smart”.Like dogs can never be good at academics, singing, writing, driving a car, etc. But they are there to serve the society. They don’t destroy the environment neither they never put their life at risk due to bad habits such as drinking, smoking, doing drugs or driving in the wrong lane. They can understand much of what we say. Dogs can read our minds, show emotional connections to their owners and even show jealousy.

Humans, on the other hand, are undoubtedly smarter. They willingly make their surroundings dirty. They can make their decisions on their own. But they purposely put themselves in the worst situation possible because of their choices of decisions.

Humans with the bigger brain, knowing the situation well and can even counter the situation well even they make mistakes. On the other hand dogs with small brains, can’t knowing the situation well, even they can’t choose between right and wrong. So, on a given criterion it is really hard to say who is smarter than the other.

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