Fleas in cats: symptoms and how to eliminate them

Fleas in cats: symptoms and how to eliminate them

Fleas in cats

With the right information on fleas on cats, chasing away these pesky and dangerous parasites will be easier for everyone at home.

Fleas in cats cause a series of conditions whose symptoms are necessary to know, while we learn how to eliminate them. The happiness of our feline can turn into discomfort, itching, fever, and other ailments. Do not let the presence of these parasites spread, because the longer you take, the more difficult it will be to eradicate them

Even if the cat is not exposed to contact with the outside or with other animals, the risk of catching fleas is always present. Even humans can carry a flea on their clothes without realizing it.

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Fleas are certainly very active insects, feeding on the blood of cats. They jump onto passing beings and burrow down into the fur to the skin.

A flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day that is hidden in rugs, crevices, and in the cat’s bed. For this reason, fleas must be removed not only from our pet’s body but from the entire house. Let’s not forget that these parasites hide even in the most remote places.

The key is in prevention:

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To avoid these risks, as in any case of parasite involvement, prevention is key: shampoos, flea collars, pipettes, soaps, and medications are recommended to keep fleas at bay.

But if the fleas have already settled in our cats, it is necessary to act immediately to avoid greater evils. Fleas can transmit diseases such as anemia, dermatitis, Bartonellosis, or cat scratch disease. Dipylidiasis caused by Dipylidium tapeworm and histoplasmosis are latent risks.

Flea symptoms in cats:


That our cat scratches with intensity or that it groom in excess are pieces of evidence of the presence of fleas. Bald patches often appear on the fur as a result of the intensity with which our cat scratches, licks and bites. Bloodstains on the pet’s bed are yet another proof.

Home remedies to fight fleas:

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In addition to the aforementioned remedies, there are homemade preparations that help fight fleas in cats. A shampoo for sensitive skin to which we add warm water and citronella or lavender oil will help fight fleas. It applies, the cat is a combe and remove. Of course, the difficulty lies in the disposition of the feline to the bathroom.

There is also a citrus-based flea spray. It prepares as follows: We heat water in a saucepan and add the lemon or orange shells. We boiled for 5 minutes and remove it; let stand and strain. This liquid is placed in a container with a spray cap and sprayed on the rest and play areas of our cat. To clean the area, it is recommended to mix hot water with white vinegar and clean the floors thoroughly after vacuuming.

Now that you know what fleas in cats can cause, their symptoms and how to fight them, you will feel more secure. Dare to fight them to keep your cat healthy and very happy.