ways to make your dogs happy:

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Our pets mean a lot to us, although in different ways. One thing is common in all cases though, our pets are our friends. The love our pets have for us has to be reciprocated by us and we have to find ways to keep them happy at all times. They might not be able to speak in human language, but they have feelings just like humans and like to be happy.

In this article, we will focus on dogs and cats, and look into ways to make them happy and how to live with them and treat them. If you want healthy dogs and healthy cats, you have to prioritize their happiness.


Here are some ways to making your dog happy

  1. Take your dog on regular walks

Pretty sure some people take their dogs out for a walk sometimes, but it might not be enough. Taking your dog on a walk doesn’t only serve as a means of exercise but it also helps to boost your dog’s mind and keep them happy. Dogs love and need to go out often, just as you love to go out and not get stuck in the house for so long. Walks help your dog mentally and physically. They get to burn off some energy and meet other dogs and people.

  1. Help your dog learn new tricks

You should spend enough time together with your dog, it is vital in making them happy. One of the ways you can do this is by teaching your dog a new trick. Try to teach them a new trick every now and then, as this helps provide them with a whole lot of mental alertness. Also, do not be afraid to teach your dog new tricks because you think they are old, a dog can learn new tricks regardless of its age.

  1. Make sure they maintain a healthy weight

3. Make sure they maintain a healthy weight_1

Regulating your dog’s food intake doesn’t mean you are making them suffer it simply means you are trying to help them and keep them healthy, which is one of the keys to having a happy and healthy dog. To know the right amount of food intake per day that is suitable for your dog, you can take them to a dog’s care center to confirm. Healthy dogs move about with more ease than overweight dogs. If your dog is overweight, it will end up unhappy as it reduces its playtime and will also put them at the risk of having medical conditions.

  1. Show a good level of consistency with your dogs

Training dogs require consistency. You have to constantly show them what is right or wrong. If you don’t show enough consistency in training your dog, they will not understand what you want them to do. This could result in you scolding them, and they will end up unhappy. It is important to show a trained puppy early, so what you want them to know becomes part of them as they grow. This way, they will end up not being regularly scolded and happy.

  1. Praise your dog regularly

Praise your dog regularly_1

Dogs are like children, they like to be praised as this will encourage them and keep them happy. It is vital that you praise your dogs and remind them how good they are while petting them. It helps to comfort them, make them feel secure and highly loved. When a dog feels this way, it will always be happy.

  1. Give your dog new treats

Giving your dog new treats will surely make them happy. You ant tell a dog’s favorite treat until you try a lot of treats. You can rotate these treats from time to time, and this keeps your dog excited as it doesn’t know what the next treats.

Now, let’s look at the ultimate pet guide to life. Cats are lovely pets but are a bit different from dogs when it comes to what they like and what makes them happy. Although they still share some similarities.

  1. Give your home some clarification.

The term clarification was created to define making your home and environment suited and designed to support a cat’s personality. For most cats, they need to climb and jump around in order to maintain their active nature which will make them healthy. Healthy cats must not be bored and devoid of challenges around them. Designing your home to be better suited for a cat not only helps to keep them healthy, but it helps curb any behavioral issue that might have occurred.


To clarify your home, you need to design a lot of spaces for your cat to climb, jump and sleep around the house. Also, you need to place your furniture in a way that helps your cat easily jump from one onto the other.

  1. Make sure they have lots of entertainment around them

Cats have hunting instincts and they love to be adventurous. Keeping them indoor and bored isn’t the best for them due to this behavior and instinct. Your cat needs a lot of toys around them, you also need to find time to play with your cat. You can play different games with your cat, just make sure they are not always bored. This is one of the ways to have a healthy cat. If a cat is tired, then you have a happy cat. Cats love being exhausted.

  1. Provide a space they can scratch

Cats love to scratch. It is a natural instinct for them, as it is a way they relax and stretch while sharpening their claws. However, while some cats love to scratch vertically, they’re others that prefer to scratch horizontally, and there are others who are not picky. To determine the type of scratching your cat prefers, you have to be observant.

  • If your cat prefers both, you can as well get both the horizontal and vertical scratching posts.


It is essential to keep your pets healthy. All pets love attention and hate idleness. Study your pet and see observe its preference. Once you do this, you have a healthy pet.