10 Top lovely hybrid cats

Cats are pets that people love. With soft fur and cute and lovely beauty, the cats here will make you love it when you see it.

1. The Scottish Fold.

The Scottish Fold bird

Scottish Fold cat-eared cat is a large, muscular cat with a muscular body and a plump body like a lovely cotton ball. The legs are of medium size, the limbs are strong and strong, the head of the feet is a circle. moderately elongated tail, with a thick, tail round, and some have a pointy tail.
In terms of coat color, all coat colors are recognized. They have a very diverse coat color: Silver, Gold, Chinchilla, Cameo, Black and Blue, Sepia, etc. The present eye color is similar to the blue and amber eyes.

2. Siamese.

Siamese Cat
Origin: Siamese cat is originated from beautiful Thailand.
They are characterized by blue eyes, with a black face and many beautiful coat colors such as seal gray, light blue, chocolate, and the color of lilacs.
Siamese cats are really friendly and approachable. They also love to attract attention from their owners, so single people always want a Siamese cat with them.

3. Exotic.

Exotic cat

Origin: Talking about the origin of this cat is quite long and Exotic cats today are a cross between Persian cats and Himalayan cats.
Exotic cats have around the cylindrical body, a round head, well-rounded eyes, and short, rounded ears. The Exotic cat’s thick short coat is still a beautiful “coat” of all colors: white, black, red, cream, brown, lilac, cavity, gray, tricolor, etc. depending on the color of the coat. This is an approachable cat, full of affection, intelligence and docile. They are very tangerine and loyal to their owners. An Exotic cat will hug you when we pick it up, or jump on your lap and cuddle while we’re sitting on a chair.

4. Maine Coon.

Maine Coon Cat

Origin: People considered main Coon the oldest historic cat breed in North America and also the largest thoroughbred cat in the world.
The Maine Coon is the fastest cousin of the lynx, a genus of four medium-sized wild cats. The beauty of Maine Coon is that of a noble, regal cat. All are often very beautiful and seem mysteriously rare. Maine Coons are quite gentle and have greater intelligence than other cats, so they are relatively easy to train.

5. Somali.

Somali cat

Somali cats are native to the American Abyssinia plateau.
This is a typical cat-like the foxes, they have very large ears, a very large tail, long ruffled hair that looks very much like a fox’s tail, a well-proportioned body, two eyes like almonds, full of colors from strong green to luxurious copper. Somali cat hair has 4 to 20 streaks on each hair.
Somali cats are energetic, playful and funky, they are smart cats and have very curious. These cats are very open and affectionate, easy to train and teach.

6. Angora Turkish.

Angora Turkish Cat

Turkish Angora cats are slender and elegant, have small but strong and flexible bone structure, large round eyes that are green, amber or both, long ears and quite pointed at the tip. ears, they have a long tail covered with smooth and smooth long hairs, the common color of this cat is white, in addition to their fur also exists in many different colors such as orange, striped, black, gray-white …
Angora cats are very intelligent and mischievous, also very affectionate, approachable and kind, they are friendly and polite to everyone, children and other pets in the family.

7. Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is a large cat with a muscular and strong body, they weigh 9 kg, have a large round head, full face, long and large nose and snout, two large oval eyes, blue, two medium-sized triangular ears standing on either side of the head, long bushy tail. They also have a fairly long, dense, soft coat with a variety of colors such as white, cream, blue, gray, chocolate…
Ragdolls are gentle and calm, very pleasant, affectionate and sociable, they are almost dog-like by their loyalty and dedication to their owners.

8. Ashera.

Ashera Cat

Dubbed “the largest, rarest and most exotic domestic cat”, Ashera has a “height” of more than 1m, four long and strong legs with a strong appearance, resembling a cheetah and mottled fur resembling like a tiger. You can increase the maximum of 13.6kg.

9. Munchkin.

Munchkin Cat

They are bred by naturally occurring, medium-sized mutants with shorter legs than usual. Munchkin is also one of the smallest cats in the world. Munchkin cats have been around for hundreds of years and are known for their short, standard paws. However, it was not until the mid-1990s that it was officially recognized as a breed of cat.
However, they have no difficulty jumping and running like the rest and can weigh from 2 to 3 kg.

10. Manee.

Manee Cat

Khao Manee is a beautiful Thai cat with blue eyes, sometimes with two special colors like amber and green. The Khao Manee cat has pure white fur as snow and is extremely smooth. Rumor has it that Thailand stealing the cat Khao Manee will be put to death.