Parakeets: a beautiful exotic bird

If you want to have an exotic bird as a pet but do not know which one to choose, discover the parakeets and all their characteristics.

In many towns, we see green birds, which make a noise different from the pigeons or seagulls to which we are accustomed, and who seem not to be afraid of humans. This is because this animal can also be our best friend if we have it at home and take care of it as a pet.

Parakeets are birds that, in addition to living in freedom, can also be a domestic animal, so we must learn what their needs are if we want our bird to be happy with us. Remember that not only will they be great companions in your cage, but they also have many skills, such as repetition. If you have the patience and the desire to teach it, your parrot will surely learn to repeat many of the words you say, making it also a fun and ideal companion in the domestic environment.

Discover the parakeets, a beautiful exotic bird that accompanies us through the streets of many cities in our day, and that can become the perfect pet in your home.


Parakeets a Beautiful exotic bird

Parakeets Bird

Parakeets are birds that have exotic origins, which is why they come from Latin America, where they are very popular not only in the wild but also as a pet. These types of birds like to live in hot climates, so it is normal for them to migrate to countries with similar climates. However, the great strength of the persistence of this breed has made Parakeets adapt to other types of climates for survival.

These birds have their young in summer and reproduce very easily, reaching up to thirty eggs in the same nest, which makes it easy for this species to spread.

This bird is easily identifiable because it has striking light green plumage with a gray head and belly. They are small in size and usually make a very characteristic noise if they are free since they copy many of the sounds they have in their environment. The legs and beak are usually orange and have a long tail.


Beautiful Birds Parakeets

Parakeets Birds-exotic

If you decide to acquire parakeets as a pet, you must ensure that you give it a good quality of life it deserves to be comfortable, happy, and healthy in your home.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the cage must be large enough so that it can be easily moved. Remember that they like to live in freedom, so leaving the bird loose for a while each day at home will help them to stretch their wings and feel comfortable flying.

However, you must be careful that they do not get into any part of the house where they can hurt themself and that you have closed all the windows so that they can not escape since they probably did not know how to return home later.

Parakeets Birds

Beautiful Birds: Parakeets

As for food, you should consult the veterinarian when you acquire one of these birds about what is the best food we can give them. In freedom, they feed on insects, fruits, and grain, but in captivity, they can be given feed and food prepared for this type of bird.

You should always keep in mind that parakeets are birds that have the ability, like parrots (since they come from the same family), to be able to repeat the sounds they have in their environment. If you do not want to teach him to speak, it will be normal for your pet to repeat any of the noises it hears more frequently, but be careful, it can repeat everything, without knowing if it is okay or not.

When your parrot lives with another, it is normal for them to repeat noises that do not mean anything, since they are unconsciously copying each other. For your captive bird to learn to repeat the words that you want, you must be very patient, find a quiet place, and be constant. These pets can become very affectionate. They are very intelligent and territorial, so you must dedicate the time and care they need so that they can be happy in the domestic sphere.

Finally, the Parakeets are beautiful exotic birds, then a recommended for you.