In this article, you will know about the training pig show. To train your pig for the show you should go through this article.



Growing a champion pig is much more than feeding it also includes genetics. If you want to show pigs, continue to participate in shows to learn about the different breeds. Speak to the contestants to get an understanding of their background and any challenges with their pigs. Ask the breeder for a vaccine plan if you are shopping for pig training.

The judge will see the animal from all angles is one of the most critical aspects of showing the pig. A pig training show is somewhat different from other animal shows as the judge can not line and inspect the animals. You have to ensure that the judge sees your animal in a pig training competition. You may miss the opportunity to position your animal, even though your animal is among the best students if you are not qualified or driving well. Here are some tips for getting your show ready.


Start early. Never is it too early for your animal to start running. You should be able to make your pig comfortable from the day you carry your animal home. This also makes them relaxed and used to you. It is crucial that you feel confident and relaxed in the show ring.


You should stroke them, brush their hair, and simply get used to touching them while you feed your pig. This encourages vaccination, cutting and clothing and in the show ring in the future.


Nutrition is a key element in the development and growth plan of your pig. Schweins are susceptible to diseases, so it is important to build up your immune system as early as possible. You would want to give them medical feed in the first two weeks if you buy a pig at a pig sale. A young pig should be fed approximately 25 lbs per week. Water should always be clean and abundant because it encourages healthy health and is important for the growth of the animal.


Music playing in the barn lets your pig get used to unexpected noises and speakers. If you are in the barn, play your favorite songs but change the radio station and location when you go so that the pig can hear another song coming from another direction.


It is time to start working your hog at about two months from your show. It is best to get them out if possible in groups at this time. It will help keep you relaxed and prevent tension or frustration in the dog. You just carry one out at a time if you don’t have someone else with you. You want to make sure somebody’s with every hog. This may not be as scheduled for the first few times. Just remember that this is a method, and you have to teach your hog what you want him to do.



Every day, train your pig. Like with other smart creatures, when they bored, pigs are destructive. It is a pig-like nature to research and forage. Balance your training scheme with other ‘free time’ activities which allow your pet to explore safely. Attach your pet to your pigs to a regular pace of life.


Set the time to train your pig every day. Intend to execute the exercise at those hours of the day. Observe the habits of your pig to learn which times of the day the concentration and the stamina are the strongest. Consider preparing your pig before bedtime to make good use of the last blasts of mental and physical strength.


Generally do not exercise your pig during meals. It won’t be able to practice tricks and orders if your pig is hungry and impatient. You might also make it violent. Place your pig before rehearing tricks with a safe and balanced diet and plenty of freshwaters.

You may teach your pig the ‘coming’ command at the beginning of your day and use the meal as the reward when it comes to you.

You can only practice these mealtimes until your pig learns other commands and tricks such as “stand” and “sit.”


Using the “sit” order to render the hand gesture to your pig training. For the “stop” or “wait” signal, pick a hand gesture. You may use a raised palm or pointing finger. Say the hand gesture to the order and wait a while for your pig. So offer a reward and love. Over time, stand away and even back up while you repeat the command. But make sure that you go to your pig directly to pay the price. So your pig knows that you don’t have to go to the cup, because you go to it.


Train your pig to come to order. This is one of the few orders to be given at meals. Say the order “come” before offering the food to your pig, when keeping a meal or treat close to your mouth. When the pig learned this command during meals, after a couple of weeks of a daily meal, have fun and say “come,” when your pig is a little farther away. Continue to raise the gap and your pig should learn to come by request. Once the handle is placed on the trigger, the number of treatments you receive will slowly decrease. For certain cases after mealtime, you can find it useful. But keep your pig rewarded with love and constructive strengthening.


Call your pig for the “drop it” order to go backward. You can use the command “leave it,” “back” or “out,” when your pig enters a remote area or towards an off-limits object. Stand on before the pig and walk slowly to it before the order begins to reverse it or to step away from you. Continue with each move of the pig, then reward it with a treat and a little love, when the pig has left the borderline zone completely.

You can even move your hands to “fire” the pork backward before your body, just make sure you have positive energy and reinforce it. The pigs are very stubborn so it may take you a while to learn this order. It couldn’t just obey once it knows the order. Wait for the instruction to repeat periodically.


Start with the whip or pipe, trap the animal near your neck so that it turns in the direction you like. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your hog never roots. When they have root permission, they can drive correctly in the ring every time and try to root them through the shavings or chips instead. We will do this every time. To encourage them to stay up from the start is a secret to success in the show ring.

You will note your dog pulls very easily on the first few occasions. When the day passes, you want to improve their stamina and work up to stand up for half an hour. This encourages your animal to show well during your class and ensure that your hog will show correctly without fatigue if you are chosen for the champion drive immediately post-class. As you enter the show – nearly a month off – you through the workouts of your hog twice a day. We suggest that you work once a day and once a day to allow them to relax during the warmest of the day.


You will drive the pig-like a champion when you reach the ring on the show day if you are committed and make sure that you stay on a schedule.