Why does your dog cry at night?

Why does your dog cry at night

Why does your dog cry at night? Does your dog cry at night? Have you discovered the reason behind this behavior? There are some tips you can follow, take note.

Some dogs, young and old, often cry at night. Although it may seem improbable, dogs can also feel anxiety and fear, in addition to other reasons such as cold or feeling bad.

In the case of puppies, for example, they may cry because they are unable to regulate their body temperature and feel cold. For adults, this may also be a reason, although they are more likely to be afraid or very lonely.

Below, more information about this type of behavior and what can be done to avoid it.

Reasons why your dog cries at night.

Why does your dog cry at night..?

There are several reasons why dogs can cry at night. This behavior is even more common in puppies since the little ones are not able to regulate the temperature of their bodies efficiently. As a consequence, they feel cold, and of course, they find it difficult to fall asleep.

To prevent puppies or adult dogs from going through these types of temperature changes, it is recommended that they remain in a warm and comfortable place in the house. In this aspect, the idea is that the environment is at a stable temperature that ranges between 20 and 25 degrees.

Crying in adult dogs can be due to many other reasons. That is, the case of feeling cold is not the most common, although it can occur if the dog does not feel very well. This is because adults tolerate temperature changes much better, so they are not as affected by them.

Why does your dog cry at night..(puppies)

The adult dog usually cries at night because he feels anxiety or fear. In the case of fear, it usually appears when there is a great emotional dependence on the owners, and the dog is left alone at home. In these cases, it is most recommended to adopt another dog or pet to keep them company.

On the other hand, to lower anxiety levels, the ideal thing is that the dog arrives home at night really tired. For that to happen, dogs should take a walk every afternoon, play, and run, accompany him if possible.

Afterward, when the dog gets home, the dog can eat, and it is most likely that he will sleep peacefully without any anxiety problem.

Tips for the dog to get a good night’s sleep

Why does your dog cry at night sleep

Tips 1:

The first thing the dog should feel in your home is a comfortable and cozy space. It recommends setting up a corner of the house with the dog bed and its toys.

That space should be warm and welcoming. Also, it is a good idea to go out with him in the afternoons, play and tire him, but not do it just before going to sleep because it will produce the opposite effect and will excite him.


Creating a routine for the dogs is key so that they do not feel fear or anxiety and manage to fall asleep without any problem. If you have made basic changes and your dog is still crying or sleeping poorly, it is best to take him to the vet for help and professional advice.